High End Nordic Walking Poles unique as you are.



·        HM Carbon Poles

ANSCHIEBER  – 100% HM Carbon Poles for Nordic Walking

After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to develop and offer complete Nordic Walking poles.



The carbon used in the ANSCHIEBER is the same used in all the best Nordic Walking Poles on the market today. The grips are made of cork for a powerful push-off. High-quality hand straps with a click-system.

The perfect poles professionals, experienced levels, as well as Nordic Walking beginners!

“Now with a new click fastening system!”


Now also available with golden, reflective lettering!


100% HM Carbon

Weight: 76 g/m


§  Very light

§  Reduced vibration due to high strength and stability

§  Excellent power transmission

§  Outstanding swing performance

§  Ready to use

§  Reflective lettering

Pole lengths:

Each set of poles is custom made for an individual fit (from 127 cm upwards on special request)


Price: 98€ per pair

Single shafts, as replacements or to build yourself, are also available.

Available as a set or singly.


Price: 68€ per pair

·        High End Poles – Super HM Carbon



Super HM Carbon shafts

The new ANSCHIEBER Super HM Carbon poles have been improved again with a harder surface. No compromises have been made in terms of material, stiffness and weight.

The pole of champions!


With the new super HM carbon shafts from ANSCHIEBER , everyone can have their own individualized high-quality poles.

Due to the high-quality material, which is now widely used in Nordic Walking, the poles have an outstanding stiffness with a very low weight and thus optimal pendulum properties.


When I myself was looking for an optimal Nordic Walking pole, I noticed that Nordic Walking poles normally use 100% carbon and not different types of carbon such as carbon fiber. A distinction is made in cross-country skiing poles. Unfortunately, high-quality carbon was not normally used for Nordic walking poles and that's why I decided to have Nordic walking shafts made of very high-quality carbon myself! The ANSCHIEBER are specially made for Nordic Walking and every Nordic Walker can easily create his own poles with individualized straps, handles and tips.



100% Super HM Carbon

Weight: 56 g/m


·        Extremely light

·        Very stiff which provides optimal power transmission

·        Minimal vibration due to the high strength and stability

·        The Anschieber are available in any length

·        Reflective lettering in red or gold

Pole length:

Custom fit


Price: 115€ per pair


Also available singly!

·        Gloves

New Product:

Gloves for Nordic Walking that are specialized for power transmission and Touch-Finger Function!


Outer material:

·        Breathable material

·        Reinforced thumb

·        Available in red, black or white


·        Internal seams so that it doesn’t interfere with the pole straps

Inner lining:

·        Non-slip material for an optimal power transmission

·        Touch-Finger function enables using a touchscreen phone or laptop. Doesn’t scratch or damage the surface


·        Black with red lettering

·        Red with white lettering

·        White with red lettering

·        Black with gold lettering



XS / S / M / L / XL


Price: 20€

When planning and implementing a glove specially made for Nordic Walking, I came across a large company that specializes in gloves. Of course, the company is not based in Europe, but where the best tailors come from - in Pakistan.


Thanks a lot for this!

·        Accessories / Replacement parts


Straps with Click system

1 pair


·        Breathable material

·        Comfortable fit

·        Optimized power transmission

·        High-quality thumb loop

·        Click system


Grip with click system

Cork grip

1 pair


The ergonomically-shaped cork handle enables the greatest possible comfort. The high-quality natural cork handle allows the best grip and protection against slipping.



1 pair


New tips!

The tip is made of hardened steel with an ultra-light flexing plate. It offers excellent grip and walking comfort on both soft forest ground as well as hard surfaces.


Rubber pads

Sold out

Ultra-light pads so that the tips remain like new!



Reflective stickers for self-application at 60 degrees. Use wax paper over the sticker when ironing!

2€ each


Non-reflective sticker “IN”

For self-application on poles for our female walkers!

Available after International World Women’s Day on March 8th 2021!

2€ per pair


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HM poles are absolute high-tech products and, due to their strength, are also brittle and sensitive to external influences such as pressure or damage of all kinds.

I recommend transporting the poles in a sturdy tube to prevent damage. When walking, you must also watch out for stones, steps, manhole covers, etc.!

Should damage nevertheless occur, only in special cases can the pole concerned can be replaced after a break assessment.

No guarantee can be given on individually-manufactured poles, nor can the poles be exchanged.

There is no right of withdrawal for contracts for the delivery / sale of poles that are not prefabricated and for the manufacture of which an individual adaptation by the buyer is evident, or which are clearly tailored to personal needs (pole length, straps, tips, design). That means in those instances there is no return or exchange possible.

Orders taken per Email via Contact / Shop

Shipping costs


Within Germany, excluding the islands, up to 120 cm (package size) 15€.

Larger than 120 cm (bulky goods) the cost for packaging and delivery is 25€.

Price for shipping outside of Germany is available upon request.



 Within Germany, excluding the islands, 2€.

Within Europe 5€.

Shipping costs can vary depending on package size and number of gloves ordered.


Rubber pads:

Within Germany, excluding the islands, 3€.

Within Europe 5€.




…made in Europe.